Senior Smart Contracts Developer (Solidity)

Posted: March, 2022

The Role

In order to strengthen our core team, we are looking for an experienced smart contract engineer. As part of your role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing smart contracts for up coming projects within the Throne ecosystem.

Your Profile

  • Knowledge of Ethereum from a conceptual and technological perspective.
  • Expertise in the creation of smart contracts using Solidity.
  • A thorough understanding of software engineering best practices.
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership in projects and achieve success.
  • Highly proficient in English.
  • Additionally, it is essential that you are familiar with common algorithms, data structures, and their computational and memory complexities, as well as experience implementing them from the ground up.

The Offer

We are a rapidly growing company in the fastest growing industry in the world. Our cash and equity compensation programs are highly competitive.

Every member of the team is respected individually. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged without excessive overtime. Our team will do everything it can to help you grow professionally, be productive, and be happy.

We are a results-oriented organization that focuses on remote work. Most of the members of the team are based in Europe, and we only consider candidates located between EST (UTC-5) and ICT (UTC+7). Such an environment requires you to adjust everything from your schedule to your work and communication style.

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