Shaping the Metaverse

Giving content creators greater choice, independence, and opportunity

What we do is not solely about technology, crypto is a movement. At Throne we strive to make the journey into the future easy for creators and collectors. That is why we integrate, partner and collaborate with innovators. Solana ensures composability between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales.

The Metaverse

Technically, the original vision and definition of the Metaverse was a point in time when a user interface made up of both hardware and software blurs the distinction between the physical and digital. This has typically been thought of in the context of advances in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), together known as Mixed Reality, becoming ubiquitous.

We believe it’s not as a destination, but a journey or process

Many users today spend their money and hours of their time building digital wealth within Web 2.0 closed metaverse worlds. The problem is, most developers don’t let users monetize their investment and efforts. Developers prohibit user from trading items with other users and keep these worlds closed so they cannot transfer their in-game/app wealth to the real economy. Web 3.0 crypto metaverse networks solve this problem by eliminating the capital controls imposed on these virtual worlds by Web 2.0 platforms. This new paradigm allows users to own their digital assets as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), trade them with others in the platform, and carry them to other digital experiences, creating an entirely new free-market internet-native economy that can be monetized in the physical world.

​The metaverse is part of a larger interconnected crypto cloud economy. These decentralized protocols interoperate with and provide the technical infrastructure to support Metaverse virtual economies:​

Throne City

Throne City is a vibrant city in the metaverse, governed by the THN community. Users can build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences, testing the limits of their imagination.

We believe that the blockchain and DLT will become the future gold fundamentals for the entire metaverse ecosystem, and this represents the disruption of the multi-billion dollar industry. Our goal, first and foremost, is to deliver a high-quality immersive experience by providing the users an environment where they can play, build, own, socialize and monetize their virtual experiences across multiple platforms, that also support the player-centric ecosystem via a solicitous tokenomic structure. Earning incentives should drive a player's desire to play a certain game, but we firmly believe that it should not be the only incentive. Throughout the Throne ecosystem, players will be able to collect various pets, gemstones, and other collectibles as NFTs. Aside from collectibles users will be also able to create their assets, mini-games and build on top of their land plots. By actively participating and building in the metaverse, users are able to collect tokens and other rare assets as rewards for completing quests, clearing dungeons, and reaching leaderboards.​

We will be posting updates, trailers, and prototypes throughout the the product development timeline.​