Lead DevOps Engineer / Architect

Posted: March, 2022

The Role

We are looking for a Lead DevOps Engineer / Architect to improve the reliability, consistency, security, and performance of the Throne ecosystem and infrastructure.

Candidates should have a strong understanding of Kubernetes and experience operating services at scale. It is also necessary to have some development experience so that you can contribute to internal tools and help the rest of the engineering team develop, deploy and operate their services.

  • Working both independently and collaboratively to find ways to improve the reliability, consistency, security, and performance of infrastructure and services
  • Create tools to support the operation, automation, and monitoring of high performance applications
  • Set up frameworks and guidelines so that external validation and guardians can be set up easily, and continue functioning reliably
  • Identify and fix network, system, and service-level problems by leveraging your knowledge of distributed systems.
  • Using large, distributed systems, eliminate manual TOIL. Find it, take ownership of it, automate it (where it is possible).
  • Assist engineering teams in designing and developing highly resilient, secure, and high-performance systems

Your Profile

  • You have a passion, a curiosity, and a desire to make a positive difference in the world
  • Extensive experience in Software Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, or development-focused DevOps
  • Expert-level programming skills in Rust, Python, or Go (or a combination thereof)
  • A working knowledge of configuration management tools (Terraform/Helm/Kapitan/Ansible/Puppet)
  • Knowledge of observability systems (Prometheus, GRAFA, ELK, Jaeger)
  • Expertise in Kubernetes, Linux, and GCP/AWS
  • Strong analytical and logical skills
  • Strong security mindset
  • Experience leading a team
  • High load experience is highly desirable
  • Ownership mindset and track record of successful projects are also desired
  • Building positive and collaborative relationships across teams and geographies, and articulating the "why" behind best practices

The Offer

We are a rapidly growing company in the fastest growing industry in the world. Our cash and equity compensation programs are highly competitive.

Every member of the team is respected individually. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged without excessive overtime. Our team will do everything it can to help you grow professionally, be productive, and be happy.

We are a results-oriented organization that focuses on remote work. Most of the members of the team are based in Europe, and we only consider candidates located between EST (UTC-5) and ICT (UTC+7). Such an environment requires you to adjust everything from your schedule to your work and communication style.

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